Unique Auctions Move to New Premises at Teal Park

Unique Auctions will, this month, complete their move to new premises at Teal Park.  They will be occupying a brand new 12,500 sq ft building on Taylor Lindsey’s Vincent Court development.  Vincent Court was constructed speculatively and this deal sees the largest single unit occupied by an established, expanding Lincoln business.

The new premises are located only two minutes’ drive from Unique Auction’s current site but the location is much more readily accessible and a new 70 space car park will provide ample space for busy auction days.  Internally, the property has been divided to form sale rooms, storage areas, meeting rooms and a café.

Unique Auctions proprietor, Terry Woodcock, confirmed: ‘From January we will be running 7 auctions per month including a specialist sale to include Art, Jewelry, Records & Memorabilia, Books & Comics, and Fashion & Photography’.

Taylor Lindsey’s Development Director, Dan Race, commented: ‘We are delighted to welcome Unique Auctions to our Vincent Court development.  We now have only one 4,000 sq ft unit remaining and look forward to welcoming the final occupier to Vincent Court shortly’.